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Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

When I purchased a home on the outskirts of town, I was pretty nervous about using a septic system. I imagined muddy, sewage-filled landscaping and toilets that wouldn't flush. However, after I did a little research, I realized that septic care is easy if you stay on top of it. The purpose of my blog is to help others to understand the intricacies of caring for their septic systems, so that you can tackle problems early. With a little attention and maintenance, your septic tank can plug along problem free for many years to come. Save this blog as a resource so that you aren't left guessing later.

Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

Tips For Homeowners To Understand Title V Inspections And Failure

by Cathy Lewis

As a homeowner in Massachusetts, you need to understand the Title V inspection requirements if your home has a septic system. These inspections are mandatory for these properties most any time you choose to sell or transfer ownership. Before you decide to sell your home, here are some things you should know about this inspection process.

Who Has To Do It?

When the time comes to get a Title V inspection on your septic system, it needs to be done by the right people. You'll have to get your inspection certificate from a company that holds state certifications and is recognized in Massachusetts for septic work and inspections. This ensures that the inspection is done properly and the inspection report is accepted.

What Are Some Common Reasons for Failure?

There are many different reasons why your septic system might fail the Title V inspection. For example, if you have to have the tank pumped more than four times each year, that's a key indication that it's having trouble and is likely to fail the inspection.

In addition, if you have a metal tank, you may fail the inspection and have to replace it. Other common reasons for failure include things like heavily saturated drain fields and waste water seeping back into the house. Finally, if your city has issued a mandate that requires public sewer connections, your home will fail the inspection.

What Happens With Failed Inspections?

If your septic system fails the Title V inspection, don't panic. In most situations, you'll be provided with a full report that details why the system failed and what you can do to fix it. You'll also be given a deadline by which you need to have those repairs completed. The timeframe to complete the repairs will vary based on the severity of the problem.

You will also have to notify the local Board of Health about the problem. They will have to approve all of your upgrades and repairs before you can actually complete the sale process. Some of the most common repairs required include septic tank pumping, drainage improvement and pipe replacements.

Any repairs should be done by a licensed professional so that you can show documentation of the work that was done. This will help when the new inspection is done after the work is complete.

Understanding the Title V inspection requirements and how to deal with failures will help you be better prepared when you get ready to list your home for sale. For more information, visit websites like http://www.jcparmenterhopkinton.com.