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Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

When I purchased a home on the outskirts of town, I was pretty nervous about using a septic system. I imagined muddy, sewage-filled landscaping and toilets that wouldn't flush. However, after I did a little research, I realized that septic care is easy if you stay on top of it. The purpose of my blog is to help others to understand the intricacies of caring for their septic systems, so that you can tackle problems early. With a little attention and maintenance, your septic tank can plug along problem free for many years to come. Save this blog as a resource so that you aren't left guessing later.

Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

4 Reasons To Rent A Restroom Trailer For Your Construction Job

by Cathy Lewis

When you run a construction job site, you need to make sure you are taking care of all your employees' needs, including their need to go to the bathroom. You don't want people going to the restroom all over the job site or holding it in all day and becoming unpleasant. You need to provide your employees with restrooms.

When it comes to providing your employees with restrooms, you could go for the basic portable bathroom, with only a toilet and some hand sanitizer, or you can rent portable restroom trailers. There are a few benefits of providing your employees with portable restroom trailers on the job site instead of basic portable toilets.

Running Water

One of the biggest benefits of renting a portable bathroom trailer is that you will have running water. That means that after workers use the restroom, they can clean up with soap and water. This will help keep their hands clean, which is important when doing certain construction tasks. For example, when you are painting the walls or installing carpet, you don't want to have dirty hands. You will have a cleaner and more sanitary workplace when you have running water.

Having running water will also give your workers a place to clean up before they take their lunch breaks. They will be able to be clean before enjoy their food. Good hygiene is good for your workers' health and the overall productivity of the workplace.

Better Smelling

Regular portable restrooms do not always smell that great. The smell can carry from inside of the restroom to outside of the restroom. With a portable restroom trailer, waste is flushed, so there should be no lingering bad smells, or no bad-smelling area of your construction site. When someone comes to tour the construction site, they will not be turned off by the smell of raw sewage, and the construction site will be more pleasant for everyone working there.

More Sanitary

Portable restroom trailers are more sanitary overall. The waste is flushed down the toilet, and there are places for people to wash their hands. As a portable restroom trailer has more of a traditional bathroom setup; it is also easier to keep clean. You can easily mop and wipe down the bathrooms every day, keeping them nice and sanitary.

Visually Appealing

Finally, a portable restroom trailer is more visually appealing than a line of blue portable restrooms. If you are working on a big job site, such as building an office building, investors and clients of the property owner will stop by. It can be nice to have a restroom setup that is more visually appealing for these situations.

Providing your employees with a portable restroom trailer will allow them to clean up after they use the bathroom and will create a more sanitary workplace. Portable restroom trailers also have a more professional appearance and smell to them and will make your job site look more professional. Contact a portable toilet rental company in your area to learn more.