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Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

When I purchased a home on the outskirts of town, I was pretty nervous about using a septic system. I imagined muddy, sewage-filled landscaping and toilets that wouldn't flush. However, after I did a little research, I realized that septic care is easy if you stay on top of it. The purpose of my blog is to help others to understand the intricacies of caring for their septic systems, so that you can tackle problems early. With a little attention and maintenance, your septic tank can plug along problem free for many years to come. Save this blog as a resource so that you aren't left guessing later.

Keeping Your Septic System Healthy


How To Ensure Your Septic Tank Is Pumped On Time

Pumping the septic tank is one of the most important jobs for a homeowner. If you use a septic system in your home, you'll need to ensure that it's pumped after a certain period of time. As the bacteria in the septic tank break down the organic matter, sludge and scum are produced. These can reduce the efficiency of the bacteria in the system over time, unless the tank is pumped every once in a while.